Community Playtime

We participate in and present workshops at regional peace, wellness and social action events such as Earth Day, Chalk It Up, International Day of Peace celebration and Healing Arts Festival.

Practitioner Certification

People from all walks of life, faiths and perspectives looking for a practice that connects them to the source of who they are, to nature and to others.


Twice a year, we spend three days laughing, eating great food, being in nature and learning new energy medicine techniques. This retreat is open to you, too.

Meditation Class

In-person meditation simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for experienced meditators to go further with their practice.

Clinic Sanctuary

A sanctuary for getting yourself squared away, feeling better and getting clarity on your life.

Vision: Create a world where we think and act in service to our own well-being and the collective good of those around us.

Mission: Provide training and experiences in knowing and loving yourself, so you can act compassionately with others to create a thriving life and community.

The Divine Spark Center celebrates our oneness with nature and the Source energy that flows through all life and matter. The core practice of the Center is the Divine Spark Method.

This method thrives in community. We gather together often to experience the powerful healing generated within a large group.

The Center embraces all religions and although many who are drawn to this work are spiritually-minded, we affirm that the Source energy can be experienced and interpreted in many ways outside the concepts of religion and spirituality.


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