Private Sessions

Private Sessions

We’re excited to announce the offering one-on-one spiritual communication and healing sessions offered by two Divine Spark Master Healers and Spiritual Teachers – Laura Hansen and Eric Hansen. These sessions are by appointment with a single practitioner of your choice and are done by Phone, Skype or In-Person within the Sacramento area only.

About Divine-Self Counselings

A Divine Self session is a catalyst for change. It’s a sanctuary for deep understanding and self-acceptance. Each session is structured to best serve your specific questions and needs, whether you are exploring your inner self for the first time, or a long-time intuitive practitioner wishing insight into the next evolution of your practice.

A session focuses on the function of the subtle energy structure of your conscious body and how you as a limitless divine source are manifesting your life. Energy blocks, thought patterns, and weaknesses in your energy structure that affect your creative process are explored as well.

A sanctuary of acceptance, exploration, and compassion is set for each session. Good humor and lightness doesn’t hurt either. Most people wish to make their own decisions, so we don’t give advice. Instead, we give as clear and specific communication as possible so you can, in turn, choose the best path.

About Divine Spark Healings

This kind of healing session offers you the opportunity for profound shifts in your consciousness, and in your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The divine source within you is activated and given space to restore, heal, and transform your waking life.

If you have questions about these communication sessions, please contact

To purchase and schedule your private session, use the links below. In the cart, you can specify in the “comments” field whether you’d like to schedule a session with Eric or Laura:

30 minutes/ $115

60 minutes/$185

EWHansenAbout Rt. Rev. Eric Hansen
Office: 916-265-0203
Available evenings and weekends

For over 20 years, Eric has practiced as a teacher, master healer and ministerial counselor. For 8 years, in the role of Bishop, he directed the growth of a men’s fellowship program for one of his spiritual communities, Church of Divine Man. He provides spiritual counseling for men and women, focusing on working with Divine Consciousness for health, wellness and taking action in relationships, career and finances. He currently participates as a master healer and teacher in the Divine Spark Center for Joyful Renewal.  Eric holds three Certifications in Spiritual Teaching and has completed three Advanced Spiritual Study Certification Programs in Berkeley, CA.


About  Rev. Laura Hansen
Office: 916-265-0203

As a minister, spiritual counselor, and energy healer for over 20 years, Laura Hansen has taught meditation and healing to both men and women as a support to their process of expanding their awareness and improving the quality of their lives. Laura Hansen has trained individuals in the art of trance channeling healing for 20 years and is the former Director of the Trance Medium Program of the Divine Healing Center. In 2011, Laura established the Divine Spark Healing Clinic in Sacramento, CA, where Master Healers, from different disciplines, offer healing sessions in the Divine Spark Method. Laura holds five Certifications in Spiritual Teaching and has completed four Advanced Spiritual Study Certification Programs in Berkeley, CA.