Andy Grice

Andy Grice

Andy Grice, Teacher and Steward

Andy has been an elder steward of the sanctuary since it’s beginning in 2011. He has been instrumental in teaching, healing and training in the Divine Spark sanctuary. He embodies daily the principles of living in the flow of Source.  He and Laura along with Eric Hansen, co-teach the Certification training as well as facilitate the bi-weekly Divine Spark Sanctuary.

Andy discovered his ability to facilitate healing in others at an early age. At the age of eight, when his mother was hospitalized for an illness, young Andy was moved to sit outside beneath her hospital window and talked to God for her. Doctors were baffled by her strange illness that caused holes to grow within her pelvic bones and did not know what to do to reverse it. For a time, they suspected tuberculosis and later ruled that out. Within a week after Andy talked to God on her behalf, his mother recovered from her illness and was able to return home. Years later, Andy would make the connection that he been an important part of her healing process.

Over the years Andy has continued to lean more deeply into Source. He has honed his intuitive and healing abilities. Clients have reported healings from physical injuries and diseases, emotional traumas, and spiritual blockages. Many report being liberated from entities, being stuck in life and now able to manifest more of their essential selves.

To learn more about Andy and his personal healing practice, call 916-761-3401