Eric Hansen


Eric Hansen, elder Steward

Eric is a co-teacher of the Divine Spark Method Certification, an elder Divine Spark Method Practitioner, and is dedicated helping the Center and its community thrive (which means he is involved in almost every Center activity and tells goofy jokes that he insists come from the Source consciousness.

For over 20 years, Eric has practiced as a teacher, master healer and ministerial counselor. For 8 years, in the role of Bishop, he directed the growth of a men’s fellowship program for one of his spiritual communities, Church of Divine Man. He provides spiritual counseling for men and women, focusing on working with Divine Consciousness for health, wellness and taking action in relationships, career and finances. He currently participates as a master healer and teacher in the Divine Spark Center for Joyful Renewal.  Eric holds three Certifications in Spiritual Teaching and has completed three Advanced Spiritual Study Certification Programs in Berkeley, CA.