Laura Hansen/Founder


Laura Hansen, Founder/elder Steward

In 2011, Laura established the Divine Spark Center in Sacramento, CA, where Master Healers, from different disciplines came together to offer sessions in the Divine Spark Method and to hold the growing number of trainings and activities in addition to the public meditation and energy healing clinic.

Laura holds five Certifications in Spiritual Teaching and has completed four Advanced Spiritual Study Certification Programs from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. During over 20 years of training and study, Laura spent tens of thousands of hours in meditative study of the mechanics of consciousness and flow and behavior of Source through all life and matter. The Divine Spark Method is a powerful distillation of over 30,000 hours of teaching and curriculum development.

The Divine Spark Method is part of Laura’s “Life Mechanics” method, an approach that helps people work through their problems with exercises – games for adults – that absorb, stimulate, and heal. One of the world’s leading physicists endorsed the Life Mechanics method as supported by his work in quantum physics of consciousness.

She’s an artist, inventor with five patents and over a dozen awards for her writing. Laura’s first of two books was a best-seller in the area of personal development. Laura speaks locally and internationally on the topics of community engagement, personal leadership and relationships.

She is cofounder of Compassionate Capitol Region, a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to helping build caring communities under the umbrella of the international Charter for Compassion movement.

Laura is a Past Board Director, National Association of Women Business Owners, Sacramento Valley. An organization advocating for and helping increase the success of women-owned businesses. Recently, she received the Luminary Women’s Leadership Award for her work in the community.

She lives in Northern California with her husband, where she paints, designs furniture and clothing, and tries not to kill too may plants in the garden.