Sat. October 7, 9:30am – 12:00pm @ Sierra 2 Center — Room 9

Nature and the universe are a part of loves us all the time. We are part of God, Source, Nature. We are unified with everything at a core level. And, sometimes we forget that. When we do, we feel isolated, alone, unloved.

In this workshop you will learn how to shift into that connection where love and support is within you and all around you. We will explore three aspects of how we experience the universal love that flows through us and how we can align with this force more often:

Part 1: The Voice of Love

How do you hear nature? Or, the mysterious wise counsel in your head? We will have discussion, interactive exercises and learn new mediation techniques for hearing more clearly the voice of love.

Part 2: The Power of Love

Love brings us together. It’s up to us to find love in every situation. In this segment of the workshop, you may discover how the power of love flows and guides you to relationships, situations and inner wellness.

Part 3: The Community of Love

How you behave in relationship to others shapes how your relationships are formed. This third segment focuses on discovering how we relate to others and making shifts if you’d like to do something different. Interactive exercises and discussion. It’s amazing the wisdom that gets shared.

This Workshop Is for You If…

  • You find yourself feeling alone thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others
  • You can’t find a safe emotional place within you
  • You’re a seasoned spiritual explorer and are excited to learn new techniques for creating your life

What Will Be So Awesome About Being There?

  • Empowering guided meditations and new tools for feeling loved and supported
  • Divine Spark Healing at beginning of workshop
  • Guest pass to the Divine Spark Clinic
  • Tasty snacks and drinks

Registration: $39


Your instructors and guides:


Andy Grice, Lead Steward, Divine Spark Center






Rev. Eric Hansen, Lead Steward, Divine Spark Center





Laura Hansen, Lead Steward/Founder Divine Spark Center

… and the Spark Practitioners








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